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Thanks for stopping by Slow Cooker Success! This is a personal website that is designed to share and promote the use of slow cooking. I first experienced a slow cooked meal at a catering Vancouver social event. It was a marvelous beef short rib from the Just Right Vancouver dinner catering menu. It was so delicious that I got in contact with the chef and asked for the recipe. Thankfully he kindly obliged! Check out their website. They share a few of their own recipes on their blog. Slow cooking has been around since the dawn of time. First man used it to cook tough meat and root vegetables. Today people use slow cookers to make affordable and delicious meals. I guess you could say we are pretty excited about slow cookers.

We hope you check out some of the great recipes and tips and tricks are website has to offer. You will find everything you need on our website to get started on cooking for your first slow cooker meal. Don’t forget to sign up for a monthly e-newsletter and “Like Us” on Facebook. We hope you enjoy your visit and please feel free to comment on our blog posts.

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