Best 2 Quart Slow Cooker Reviews

2 quart slow cooker

Ideal 2 Quart Crock Pot Models

Looking for the perfect 2 quart slow cooker can be a challenge, so here are the crock pot size from different famous brands in the market.


Crock-Pot SCR200-B Manual Slow Cooker

It's very important to know the different size crock pot reviews before deciding which one to buy. A 2 qt slow cooker is a great size for individuals or couples who hate leftovers or lack storage space. This black 2 quart slow cooker is very affordable for anyone who needs it. Its round stoneware pot is conveniently removable and it can be put in the dishwasher. Recipes are included with the purchase which is great especially for the first-time crock pot user.

This 2 quart model is said to be the ideal best small slow cooker 1 to 2 people, though it can also feed a small family of 3 or 4. There a good reason why people are searching for the best small crock pot, many people who buy this model were in need of a crock pot that did not produce so many unnecessary food leftovers. One drawback that consumers have expressed is that this model does not offer a warm setting. The cord for this product is also said to be short, which can be a plus or minus depending on your individual preferences.

This model also does not include a timer, so you will have to keep track of when your foody is ready on your own. Compared to older models, this one is said to run a little higher in terms of temperature. Since this product is known to cook fast and hot even on a low setting, you will want to be extra careful to not let your food overcook. Because it is deep and narrow, you will not need to fill up this machine with plenty of liquids. Remember to keep it anywhere from half full to two thirds full depending on your recipe.

Due to its size, owners of this 2 quart model tend to use it to make oatmeal, gravy, soups, and many other smaller dishes. Owners of this model have used it in various places, including at home and in their camper vans. Due to its small size, this 2 quart crock pot is exceptionally easy to clean and store away.


Elite Gourmet MST-275XR Maxi-Matic 2 Quart Oval Slow Cooker

This 2 quart Elite Gourmet slow cooker comes in a variety of colors including red, purple, silver, and turquoise. It is made of stainless steel and has a removable ceramic pot and a clear tempered glass lid. Both the lid and the pot are safe to put in the dishwasher. When you are finished cooking and the food has cooled down a little bit, you can easily store the pot and lid in your refrigerator until it is time to eat.

Both the slower cooker’s removable pot and the base have handles that are said to be cool to the touch so you don’t risk burning your fingers. One of the best qualities to note about this model is that it offers 4 settings: off, warm, low, and high. The more temperature control settings that you have, the easier it is for you to cook your food at a precise temperature.

If your meal finishes cooking in your crock pot and you have some time to spare, then you can turn it to the warm setting to keep it warm until mealtime. That way, you won’t have to worry about overcooking the dish. While pretty much all of the manual crock pots on the market will offer a low and high setting, not all of them have the option of keeping your food warm in a crock pot. This is a big advantage to owning this useful cooking machine and if having a warming setting is important to you, then this 2 quart model is definitely one for you to consider. The model is oval shaped, which is ideal for long or large cuts of meat like turkey breast, ribs, or a roast. Just the best crock pot for small family


Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Slow Cooker

This Hamilton Beach stainless steel crock pot is unique in that it is a 3-in-1 cooker, meaning that it can be used in 3 different ways. It comes with a base that includes a 2 quart crock, a 4 quart crock, and a 6 quart crock, all of which are removable. One glass lid that fits all of the crocks is included. When it comes to storing away this machine, you will be surprised at how easy it is. Each crock easily nestles into one another for easy storage. The crocks and lid are dishwasher safe and the crock pot itself has 3 different heat settings to make your slow cooking extremely easy. Many crock pot owners have said that this model does not burn their food compared to other models that they have had in the past. If you're Hamilton Beach slow cooker fan then you must definitely read our best hamilton beach stay or go slow cooker reviews

This model is also said to cook very evenly compared to some other rival models. The convenience of having 3 crocks for 1 cooker cannot be understated. Storage-wise, it is a lot easier than having 3 separate crock pots that need to be stored away. At the same time, if you feel like you will need to use more than one crock pot at a time, say you need one to cook a side dish and a larger one to cook the main dish, then you will need more than one cooker and the 3-in-1 model might not be what you are looking for. That being said, this model is undoubtedly versatile.

You can use the 2 quart crock for a small meal for you or your family. The 4 quart crock can be used for large cuts of meat and the 6 quart can be used for when you are throwing a party. These are just a few ways that you can make use of this 3-in-1 model.



Ease of Use



Crock-Pot SCCPMD2-BL Hook Up Round Connectable Entertaining System, 2 Quart

This metallic blue 2 quart slow cooker is perfect for the ultimate entertainers. If you are someone who is always hosting parties and constantly have plenty of guests in your home, then you might get plenty of use out of this. This model is part of the brand’s Connectable Entertaining System. Instead of having to worry about having enough outlet space for several cookers, you can connect these to another and then use only one plug to power all of these cookers. This model also comes in additional colors like metallic charcoal, metallic copper, metallic red, and metallic sage.

The 2 quart model can be hooked up to a 3.5 oval and a double oval 1 quart, which makes the perfect combination for the perfect party. Because of its various sizes and choices in color, you can mix, match, and really choose the features that work best for you. You can easily customize your connectable entertaining system to suit your own cooking needs. The product is round and is perfect for cooking and holding dips, appetizers, soups, and chili. Get here some more crock models with amazing features.

This model conveniently has 3 settings which are low, high, and warm, which makes for convenient and flexible cooking. On top of being great for slow cooking, the removable crock can also be used in the oven and in the microwave as well. When it comes to cleaning, you can put the crock and the lid in the dishwasher for your convenience. Because of how easy it is to use, you can easily entertain your guests while you wait for your food to cook. It measures at 12.7 inches long, 14.1 inches wide, and 17.75 inches tall.



Ease of Use



Crock-Pot Mini Casserole Crock Slow Cooker, 2.5 quart

If you love making casseroles, then this 2.5 quart Crock-Pot might be perfect for you. With a removable lid, this also comes with clips that are mounted to the lid. These clips make it possible to lock in the lid to prevent the food from spilling out. This feature is especially convenient when you are bringing your casserole to a potluck or some other event where you are sharing your home cooking. This is unique in the sense that it is shallow compared to many slow cookers that are deep. If you prefer to cook things like meatballs and casseroles, then you might prefer this type than the typical one that has a deep pot for stews and soups. This model is one of the products out there that offers the low, high, and warm settings. Even when the food is finished cooking, you can still keep it on the warm setting for serving purposes.

The stoneware pot and lid are safe to put in the dishwasher. If you are entertaining at home, this can be extremely useful when you are preparing many dishes and have no more room left in the oven for your casserole. Even if you do have room in the oven, this casserole is still useful because it can enable you to cook your casserole in a much easier, stress-free way. On top of being perfect for casseroles, this model is also great for dips, one pot meals, desserts, and many other favorites. The removable stoneware dish can also be used in the oven as well and it is dishwasher safe. When this is finished cooking, it will not automatically switch to the warm setting. You will have to manually do that on your own. However, that is a feature that can be found on some crock pots. If you are the type who forgets what's on the kitchen then you'd better get the top rated programmable slow cooker in the market.




# of Temperature Settings


Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System, Red - 2Qt Round

Crock-Pot 2 Qt Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System





Crockpot 2.5 Qt Mini Casserole Crock Slow Cooker





Red Crock-Pot 2 Qt Slow Cooker





Crock-Pot 2.5-Quart Slow Cooker




Recipes for a 2 Quart Slow Cookers

2 qt slow cooker ingredient

I know if you live alone or with one other person it can get difficult to find time to cook, that’s where 2 quart cookers come in. I won’t lie to you, when you buy a 2 quart it’s exciting at first but only up to the point where you have to answer this very simple question, what do I cook?

The thing is, finding specific recipes for 2 quart crock pot is very difficult especially if you are a vegetarian.

If you are a vegetarian and you are in that spot you should try beans and grains, the instructions are simple. Add water and beans into your crock pot when you go to sleep or before you leave for work and leave it there for 7 or 8 hours, if you soak the beans overnight you can cut that to 6 hours. There are more delicious recipes to cook in a slow cooker, you can find them on Google.

When the beans are cooked drain them, after draining the beans. You can do whatever you want with the beans. My recommendation is add tomatoes, millet, cumin, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper to taste.

Other vegetarian recipes that you should try on your crock pot are:

  • Chickpea and sweet potato chili
  • Veggie omelet
  • Vegetable soup
  • Veggie Crockpot lasagna
  • Savory bean and spinach soup
  • Crockpot potato chowder

The Carnivores

For those of us who have no problem with eating other creatures on God’s green earth, you should try the following recipes for 2 quart crock pots:

  • Beef and broccoli (suck it up buttercup broccoli is good for you)
  • Honey garlic chicken and veggies
  • BBQ chicken
  • Chicken taco
  • Leg of lamb (try it and you will never cook lamb any other way)

2 Quart Slow Cooker Liners

When you buy something marketers will always try to sucker you into buying something else that goes with what you bought, for instance, if you buy a 1/4/5/6 Quart Crock Pot today you might encounter someone trying to sell you cooker's liners.

When such a thing happens to you the most important thing to do is to ask yourself this simple question “of what use is this thing to me?

Crock pot liners are simply a special type of heat resistant nylon that you place inside your Crockpot to keep it from getting dirty, so in simple terms it keeps your machine clean. Sort of like a condom for your Crockpot.

For most people this is something that they won’t use everyday especially if their crock pot is made of non stick materials. On the other hand if you hate cleaning your machine then you should try these liners and see what happens.

What the FDA Says About Slow Cooker Liners

The thought of putting nylon on heat makes many people nervous, and they have good reasons to be. According to the FDA and other food safety agencies crock pot liners are safe.

However, there is still the issue of chemicals that leach out of plastics, the problem here is the effects of these chemicals are yet to be studied. That means that the choice is yours i.e. you decide whether or not you are going to use these liners.

Bottom Line

If you don’t like cleaning your equipment it comes as a no brainer that the only option is to buy liners, on the other hand, if you are comfortable cleaning your crock pot there is simply no need to buy them.

If you choose to buy liners read the instructions on the box carefully, this will keep you from making silly mistakes such as burning your house down.

Best 2 Quart Slow Cooker Recipes

The winter holidays are coming, so you know what that means good food and bad holiday music. The thing I always fail to understand is how come people on television always have better food than me? Look at the picture, makes you want to eat your screen right?

I mean come on I’m not a chef or anything but for once I’d like to see something on TV that resembles what is on my table, if you share that dream with me you can take comfort knowing that food stylist lie to us, how?

Did you know that instead of photographing cooked turkey they use raw turkey sprayed with browning sauce and food coloring?

To make things worse they stuff turkeys up with toilet paper to make them look plump. Back to the best 2 quart crock pot recipes, if I were you I’d try the following recipes--trust me they are the best 2 Quart Crock Pot Recipes:

  • Crock pot Tandoori chicken (takes about 4 to 6 hours)
  • Beef stew
  • Bacon and corn chowder
  • Maple pulled pork
  • Baked beans with maple syrup
  • Lemon and olive chicken
  • Barbecue pork stew

How to Get the Most Out of Your Slow Cooker

The awesome thing about 2 quart crock pots is, they are smaller thus they don’t take too much space in your kitchen. The first thing to do when you purchase one is to read the manual.

Once you understand what the cooker is capable of you will know what you can or cannot do with it, and you will be on your way to preparing the best 2 quart recipes.

Prepping your food before you put it into the crock pot is very important, for example, if you want meat to taste better you should brown it (partially cook it). You should also learn to measure liquids, don’t put too much and don’t put too little and don’t forget to put the lid on. You could try these easy slow cooker recipes.

Getting the cooking time right is also very important, if you don’t get it right you might undercook or overcook your food.

Don’t forget crock pots are designed to work under very little supervision, thus when you are done preparing the food walk away and let it do its job. But if you are the type who forgets what's being cooked, then grab the Bella programmable slow cooker in the market.

West Bend 2 Quart Slow Cooker


Sometimes you just can’t find the right gift, whether that’s for Christmas, a birthday, wedding, Mothers Day or Father’s Day.

My recommendation is to buy a West Bend 2 Quart model, the reason for that is very simple. This is a great gift for someone that is busy and only has limited window of time to prepare meals each day.

This gives them the advantage that, they can go about their normal activities without worrying about what they are going to eat at the end of the day.

It’s sort of like coming home and finding food prepared by mom, the only difference is you have to prepare the food before you leave.

The awesome thing about Crockpots is they make meals tastier by simmering food in low heat for long periods of time. Simply put, it is healthier to have a Crockpot in your home if you are too busy to cook.

Why West Bend?

West Bend the company has been in business for the last 105 years that means that they know their stuff. I must tell you that finding a West Bend 2 quart model today is a bit problematic. If you check the website you will find that they only have 4/5/6 quart models, however, there are many other good manufacturers such as Cuisineart who still produce 2 quart models.

Another reason why you should choose west bend is ease of use, their products are safe, very easy to use and they make cooking easy. Check out this review and see how awesome West Bend crock pot can be.

This means that you can enjoy delicious healthy home cooked meals without spending too much time cooking, picture this you go to work, come back late in the evening and instead of settling on something that you bought at McDonalds you enjoy something you made before you left, and as an added plus your house smells like home.

What to Cook in a 2 Quart Slow Cooker

slow cooker meat

I rarely fall in love, the last time I did that was back in 1997 when Titanic came out. Oh wait not with the cast, I fell in love with Celine Dion (ask me about that in public and I will deny everything. Recently I fell in love with my 2 Quart Cooker, but why?

I discovered that this modern work of art has the potential to cook very delicious meals.

Meat, Meat and More Meat

At first I kept it in my kitchen and let it gather dust in the corner, then one day I came across the “leg of lamb” recipe. The recipe gave me the answer to the question, what to cook in this majestic machine. You see the beauty of ‘lamb of leg’ is that you can bake it, broil it, or barbecue it and it will always come out the best.

When you slow cook lamb its juices remain in there, now imagine biting into that meat seasoned with rosemary, garlic powder, salt and pepper, good lord give me a minute to go to the butchers. If you cook it on high it should take about 4-6 hours, on low 8 hours, therefore if you live alone or if you want to impress your spouse with your crock pot today. Try ‘leg of lamb’.

Vegetables and Kitchen Experiments

The one thing I want you to learn from my experience is the importance of experimenting in the kitchen; you see the thing is there are thousands if not millions of vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes out there.

If you have a 2 quart all is required of you is to try something new every day or every week, if you find a recipe for let’s say a 6 quart crock pot you can ‘shrink’ it down to fit your cooker.

There you have it, the answer to, what to cook in a 2 Quart Crock Pot is? Anything your mind dreams up, or simply cheat by copying a recipe off the internet.

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