The Best 6 Quart Slow Cooker On The Market

best 6 quart slow cooker

A busy family could benefit from the latest slow cookers on the market. Home-cooked meals are usually the first casualty of a hectic schedule. The best 6 quart slow cooker can prevent the sacrificing of your everyday gourmet to your busy schedule. Today's best 6 quart slow cookers come in a wide array of sizes and numerous features. Hence, you may not find it easy to buy a quality slow cooker on the market. Here are important tips to consider when you are searching for the best 6 quart slow cooker on the market. A slow cooker takes the frenzy out of preparing a nutritious meal.

In fact, such a cooker is ideal for tough cuts of meat, stews, soups, and many other items since these cookers are designed to simmer the food at low temperatures for a longer period of time. The ideal machine should deliver a perfectly cooked meal and also be simple and intuitive to use. This is what most clients expect from the best slow cooker on the market. A cooker with a glass lid is the best choice since it will allow you to see the progress of your meal without losing heat in the process. Also, oval-shaped crocks are preferred since they can accommodate large roasts compared to round-shaped crocks. Look for a 6-quart cooker for the best benefits over time. The best slow cooker is quite affordable these days thanks to the advancement in technology. Comparing the features of the cooker is important before you decide to buy the best product on the market. So know the details here for your first time slow cooker shopping.

There are two types of slow cookers on the market these days. The basic type of cooker come with an on/off button while the programmable slow cooker has much more than that. The latter has become quite popular with a majority of clients out there due to the novel features offered by the product. The programmable cooker consists of electronic controls and a digital timer so that you can select the cooking time. Some cookers let you program it up to 24 hours in 30-minute increments. The digital display will show the remaining cooking time in these cookers. These cookers can automatically switch to the "keep warm" mode when the set time is up but it's not like what we have on best programmable slow cooker reviews. This will help keep the food warmer for a much longer time. There are many other features to consider when buying the best 6 quart slow cooker on the market.

The slow cooker that you select should have sturdy handles. There are so many other important features that you need to look for in a slow cooker. Roasting racks are important to steam vegetables or cook poultry and meat. Insulated carrying bags and wrap around cord storage are some of the salient features that come with a quality slow cooker on the market. Most quality cookers have removable ceramic pots. Some brands have metal pots which rest on the heating base. There are also models with non-stick coatings which can be safely used in an oven, stovetop or microwave. Look for an easy to clean model on the market. Most of the latest products have easy to clean inserts that can go into the dishwasher. These cookers are quite convenient to use and clean after using. That's why you need to consider these features when buying the best cooker out there.

The capacities of the cookers range from 1.5 to 8 quarts. The 6 quart cooker is ideal for a family of four. On the other hand, a 6 quart cooker can be used for whole chickens and roasts. Most cookers come in round, oval, and oblong shapes. The oval shape is ideal to roast and cook large cuts of meat. The bulky cookers are more difficult to store and transport. There are 6 quart slow cookers on the market that vary in their price points. In fact, the prices of such cookers would range from $39.99 to $148.71. Here are some of the best slow cookers on the market these days.



# of Temperature Settings


Cuisinart MSC-400 3-In-1 Cook-Central 4 Quart Multi-Cooker

Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central Multi-Cooker




KitchenAid KSC6223SS Slow Cooker with Standard Lid



Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker With Temperature Probe, 6-Quart (33967)

Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Slow Cooker



CrockPot 6.5-Quart Programmable Touchscreen Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot 6-Quart Countdown Programmable Oval Slow Cooker



West Bend 84966 Versatility Oval-Shaped 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

West Bend 84966 Versatility Programmable Slow Cooker



6-Quart Programmable Searing Slow Cooker

Programmable Searing Slow Cooker



Bella BLA13898 Diamonds Collection Manual Slow Cooker, 6-Quart, Black

Bella BLA13898 Diamonds Manual Slow Cooker



Best Rated 6 Quart Slow Cookers

KitchenAid 6-Quart Slow Cooker

This is a popular cooker on the market these days. The product is creating quite a buzz in the market for some time. It consists of a straightforward and well-designed control panel. The cooker has a countdown timer that is simple to set. You can monitor the progress of the food at a glance. The heavy stoneware crock has enough space and cooks gently and evenly. So your food will emerge juicy and tender at the end of the cooking. The broad protruding handles have a grippy textured underside which helps the handles stay cool. In fact, you will not require potholders to handle this cooker. The cooker has thick insulation material to keep the heat directed toward the crock. There is a built-in internal temperature sensor to maintain the temperature below the boiling level. All in all, Kitchenaid 6 quart slow cooker one of the best slow cookers on the market.

Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central

Cuisinart MSC-400 3-In-1 Cook-Central 4 Quart Multi-Cooker

This is a lightweight, nonstick slow cooker with a metal crock. There is novel "stay cool" plastic handles that help you grip the cooker without any problem. The cooker will cook directly over a built-in hot plate. The crock is rectangular and long to provide an abundance of surface area. It is in contact with the heat source. Although the product tends to be a bit hotter and finish the cooking faster than the earlier model, it cooks evenly. The built-in temperature control helps in this regard. The setting of the cooker is quite easier. It is a great product for anyone who is looking for a quality slow cooker at an affordable price.

This is another popular slow cooker on the market these days. This 6-quart cooker might be a bit expensive compared to the other products on the market, but it is considered one of the top-notch cookers out there. The product has a stainless steel exterior with a control panel that has all the functions and a blue backlit LCD display. The cooking pot is manufactured with non-stick aluminum. This is a salient feature compared to most of the other cookers on the market. The food will be kept safe for a longer period of time. The cool touch handles help pick up the cooker without any problem.

The product weight 3-4 pounds more than other brands since it has a wider construction. All the parts are removable so that you can clean them easily. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty on the parts. The cook central mode will allow you to steam the stuffed artichokes and vegetables. Also, the cook Central will allow you to prepare your favorite dessert using this cooker. The cooker will automatically switch to the "keep warm" feature as soon as the food is cooked. The product is constructed using a durable material to guarantee its long life. This is why you need to buy this best cuisinart digital slow cooker.



Ease of Use


Hamilton Beach Set And Forget Programmable Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker With Temperature Probe, 6-Quart (33967)

This is another top-notch product on the market today. The program option of the cooker allows you to simply set the desired cooking time and forget it. As soon as the time is up, the cooker will automatically switch to the "keep warm" mode and preserve the food for a longer period of time. There is a "probe mode" which allows you to cook large meat cuts. Simply insert the probe and adjust the temperature to the desired level. The cooker will make sure that the meat is cooked to the desired levels and shift automatically to the keep warm mode. You will be updated with the current temperature throughout the cooking process. There is a LED display in the control panel for this purpose.

There is a manual control mode for people who prefer traditional cooking options. This feature will allow you to cook your food according to your own temperature settings and times. This cooker has some of the most novel features that you would see in a slow cooker. This cooker is ideal for on the road meals since it has a clip tight gasket lid that prevents the food from messing up or spilling. This slow cooker allows you to prepare food for 7 members of your family at a time. The cooker weighs only 13.9 pounds while the full grip handles allow to carry it quite easily. This is why you need to buy this product right now. You might also need to check this Hamilton Beach stay or go slow cooker manual reviews.



Ease of Use


Crockpot Sizes

Just like NFL players crock pots come in all shapes and sizes, some are big, some medium and some are small.

If you are looking for a new crock pot it is very important to learn about the differences, this is because it will keep you from buying a slow cooker that will not serve your needs.

It’s January and almost everyone is broke, this means that it is vital that you don’t waste money on something that will sit in your kitchen doing nothing. To make things easier here is a quick guide to slow cooker sizes:

Crockpot Size


1 ½ Quarts

1-2 people

2 ½ Quarts

2-4 people

3 Quarts

3-4 people

3 ½ Quarts

3-5 people

4 Quarts

4-6 people

5 Quarts

4-7 people

6 ½ Quarts

6-8 people

8 Quarts

10+ people

There are bigger crock pots on the market; however the bigger ones are best left for restaurants and extra large families. For example, a 12 quart slow cooker can comfortably feed 14+ people. Check the review we prepared for the best size slow cookers in the market.

The reason why it’s so important to pick the right slow cooker for your family is the problem of leftovers; the thing is most families waste food by throwing out leftovers. Look at here now for some easy 6 quart crock pot recipes you might want to try.

This is bad because it is a waste of cash; a good crock pot is one that leaves little or no leftovers.

If you want leftovers you will have to buy a slightly bigger crock pot, for instance, if you have a family of two instead of buying a 2 quart slow cooker you should buy a 3 quart slow cooker, why?

The slightly larger crock pot will leave leftovers that can be used as lunch or to prepare other meals the next day.

How Crock Pots are Measured

By now you have noticed that crock pots are measured in quarts, 1 quart equals 4 cups of water. Therefore, if you want to measure your crock pot you should put water in a measuring cup and pour it into a crock pot (count the number of cups it takes to fill the crock pot).

When the pot is full you can use a conversion chart to calculate the volume. For example, if your slow cooker holds 20 cups of water it means that the slow cooker size is 5 quarts.

6 Qt Crock Pot

This year is starting off with a bang, get this, apparently Chris Brown and soulja boy are set to beat the daylights out of each other later on this month or next month. Do you know what that means?

It means that it is an event that should be shared with 8+ friends; yes we are worse than the Romans when it comes to watching violence.

If you have eight people in your home it is very rude not to offer them food, food is the universal language of friendship. If you don’t give it we may end up having to watch you on YouTube.

Normally feeding 8+ people is a challenge, however, there is a solution to this problem. The answer is a 6 quart slow cooker, why?

One, a 6 quart Crockpot can feed 8 people comfortably you can even throw in a 6 pound chicken in there, this means that its perfect for entertaining guests. Here are the findings we dig for you to know how to get the best of crock pots.

Truth is 6 quart crock pots are not created equal, some are good and some will make your guests want to jump out the window. Therefore pick carefully.

Crock-Pot 6.5 Quart, Programmable Touch Screen Slow Cooker

CrockPot 6.5-Quart Programmable Touchscreen Slow Cooker

I recommend crock-pot 6.5 Quart, Programmable Touch screen Slow Cooker, silver. Let me repeat that touch screen, eh touch screens are not that impressive today. What truly impresses about this slow cooker is how easy it is to use and clean.

If you are the type of person who can’t navigate a smart phone you will find this slow cooker very easy to use, other features include:

  • Oval shaped removable stoneware (perfect for whole chicken)
  • Auto keep warm, programmable timer and touch screen control panel
  • Dish washer safe glass lid
  • Polished stainless steel exterior with metal side handles (looks cool)

Simply put, if you need a 6 quart Crock pot this is one of the best options on the market. You should also check our best crock pot slow cooker reviews.



Ease of Use


6 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Theoretically slow cookers require little or no attention when cooking; however, in reality most slow cookers burn, or overcook meals thus you have to keep an eye on them.

This maybe because modern slow cookers are too hot on low setting or maybe the users simply don’t know how to set temperature and time correctly.

Whatever the reason is one thing remains, slow cookers are designed to work under minimal supervision. If yours requires lots of attention you need a new one.

you need a slow cooker you can trust in your home, if you have a family of 5+ I recommend that you get a 6 quart programmable slow cooker specifically Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker with Temperature, Probe.

The reason why I recommend this slow cooker is the “probe setting” (thermometer) this setting allows you to set desired temperatures, the slow cooker also has power interrupt protection (brief power outages) that kicks in automatically and keeps meals hot.


The first thing you will notice when you buy this slow cooker is how pretty it is, just look at it, won’t it look pretty sitting in your kitchen?

The cooker has the following features:

  • Thermometer probe for meat
  • Easy, automatic cooking
  • Three cooking choices: manual, probe and program
  • Clip on spoon
  • 6 quart capacity

This 6 quart programmable slow cooker is perfect for large busy families--it can feed 8 people in one sitting. This also means that it’s perfect for entertaining guests.

This slow cooker makes cooking large pieces of meat a breeze, all you have to do is insert the probe and set your desired meat temperature.

Once you are done Set ‘n Forget or simply let the slow cooker do its job, you can go about your day without having to worry about your meals getting burnt or overcooked.

Thus this slow cooker gives you full control of the cooking process, so get one today.

Slow Cooker with Smart Cook Technology

Did you know that now you can let your slow cooker do all the thinking in the kitchen?

This is thanks to the Smart Cook technology which is a registered trademark owned by Crockpot the company. A good example of a slow cooker that has this technology is Crock-pot Digital Slow Cooker w/ Smart Cook&trade, iStir.

The best way to describe this slow cooker is the next step in the evolution of slow cookers, what makes this slow cooker special is the iStir function. The awesome thing about this is that the slow cooker does the stirring for you, thus you don’t have to open it up and do the stirring yourself.

This means that the slow cooker gets you the perfect results each time you use it, the auto stirring feature self activates two hours after cooking process starts and it continues to stir in 30 minute intervals. This ensures that food is mixed thoroughly and heat is evenly distributed inside the slow cooker.

This slow cooker with smart cooking technology is a product that offers you convenience, and freedom.

The programmable cook timer puts control in your hands thus you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is okay in the kitchen even when you are not at home.


This slow cooker has the following features:

  • Automatically shifts to keep warm when cooking is done
  • 6.5 Quart capacity (perfect for families of 5+)
  • Removable oval stoneware
  • Smart Cook and iStir technology (you can select “Ready At” time and the stirring is all done by the cooker)

The “Ready At” feature allows you to tell the slow cooker what time you want the food done, all you have to do is specify the type of protein you are cooking and the slow cooker will do the rest.

If you are looking for a slow cooker that’s easy to use and convenient this is your best option.

Crockpot Casserole Slow Cooker

Ever wonder what a casserole is? The way I see it a casserole is a meal that has been prepared slowly in the oven, the problem with ovens is they consume too much power and they are not that convenient.

Look at it this way; you can’t leave your oven running when you leave for work.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy healthy homemade casseroles; in fact you can enjoy homemade casseroles even on the busiest days of the week. The thing that makes this possible is a crock pot casserole slow cooker, how?

This slow cooker has been specially designed to prepare casseroles. That’s why it has a rectangular shape unlike most other crock pots on the market.

But it’s not just for casseroles you can also use it to prepare desserts, lasagna and anything else your tummy fancies.

This is a fully programmable slow cooker, meaning that it requires very little or no supervision. All you have to do is prepare the ingredients put them in the slow cooker and leave for work or go about your business.

You can have peace of mind knowing that the slow cooker will shift to “keep warm” when the cooking process ends, thus you will never have to eat cold dinner again.

This slow cooker is very easy to transport thanks to the Secure fit locking lid, and it will decrease your workload in the kitchen especially during holidays or if you are hosting a party.


  • Programmable controls (cook times range 30 min-20 hours)
  • Secure fit locking lid with Cook and Carry system (safe and easy to transport)
  • Auto keep warm setting
  • 3.5 quart capacity

This crock pot casserole slow cooker looks good, it’s easy to use, easy to clean and easy to transport. And as an added plus the wide and shallow design is perfect for meatloaf or meatballs.

In Conclusion

Slow cookers have become quite popular on the market in this day and age. That is because of the numerous advantages offered by these cookers. A busy family can easily benefit from this type of cooker. Be sure to discover the facts about slow cooker before getting one. With a host of slow cooker products on the market, you need to be cautious when choosing the best product. There are many things to consider when buying the best slow cooker out there. This read offers information on some of the best slow cookers on the market.

Still confused? Why not view this page and read some very helpful information.​