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Although many believe that the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker is not the fanciest of them all, it offers an intuitive interface as well as locking lid at a very modest price that around three years now, it has been a favorite among those fond of slow cookers. The Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker is actually the only slow cooker that comes with a heat probe which helps monitor the level of roast´s doneness and, well any other meats that are being slow cooked.

Many people who have tested it found that the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker has time and time again proven to be better than the competition. As mentioned earlier, it is not fancy yet it performs just as well as the other slow cookers on the market. One particular research team tested it for eighty six hours and found that with all it offered and at the price it is sold, it was the best deal for your money. You can check on their official website for some useful info. The fact that it does come with the heat probe for monitoring purposes adds an extra sense of practicality to an already awesome gadget.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker Reviewed

Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker With Temperature Probe, 6-Quart (33967)

It is safe to say that there is not a completely perfect slow cooker on the market, every model does tend to have some kind of flaw and most of these cooking machines that range in price from thirty to one hundred and eighty dollars cab tend to cook too hot. Furthermore, what seems to be their biggest difference is not their cooking ability, but their features. That being said, the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker seems to outperform other models that are much more expensive, looking over expert reviews, it sees to consistently appear as an all-time favorite.

Although not the most luxurious looking machine on the market and definitely not the sleekest, the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker does everything it should and, did I mention the modest price? Its digital display is one of the largest out there, this makes reading even from across the kitchen very easy, and its interface is reportedly one of the simplest to understand and use.

The cooking temperatures is cooks at are properly sloe, unlike others that when tested seem to run way too hot. The fact that the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker comes equipped with an alarm which at the start and end of the cooking cycle rings is another point in its favor, this is a very helpful feature that for some reason or another, many newer, and fancier model seem to leave out as was the case with the temperature prove that seems to be featured only by the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker.

The digital interface provided by the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker does not appear vet modern as other models on the market, it is however reported as being the easiest to read from a distance, using large numbers and letters indicating the temperature at which the machine was set as well as the amount of time left before cooking is completed, it was also the easiest to program. There are actually models on the market which not only offer no display. Bit only feature a power button and some words that light up indicating if the temperature is warm, low or high and they require a tablet or smartphone and a specific app to view their timer.

When it comes to the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker all you have to do on its programmable setting is enter the desired cooking time, as well as the temperature, whether low, medium or high, and once cooking cycle has concluded, on its own the machine kicks over to the warming setting. If the heat probe is being used, the machine will heat up until the meat has reached the temperature that is specified, it will then switch over to the warming setting. Find great info here, saves you a lot of time. With the manual mode you are able to use the machine much as you would have an old-school cooker; simply turn it on and it remains on until the user manually shuts it off. The amount of flexibility this interface offers is awesome!

Test reports say that the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker consistently cooked right at or right below a modest simmer — ideal for braising meats and even vegetables. Water was heated at a steady 190°F after six hours on the low setting; it leveled off at 210°F after three hours on the high setting. Other models ran slightly hotter that what the high temperature recommended by America's Test Kitchen which is 212°F, leveling off respectively at 214°F and 213°F after four hours on the high setting.

The sturdy locking lid provided by the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker makes it ideal for traveling or simply to move the crock pot when full form one area of the kitchen to the next. This design seems to be the ideal choice for those with small children or rowdy pests in the home. It is safe to say that other slow cookers by comparison what do not offer a locking lid or gasket would not provide the same level of comfort while transporting anywhere.

The alarm which sounds when the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker commences and finishes cooking deserves to be made mentioned again as time and time again it comes up as a selling point, it is easy to program a machine and know that the cooking cycle has actually started as well as when it has ended. Find more on how it works before buying like it is as mentioned earlier a feature that other slow cookers do not provide, some machines for not even really let you know when they have started cooking until the first minute has elapsed on the timer.

The Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker is the only slow cooker that offers a heat probe, reports show that the heat probe it offers that 5.5 inches was a bit too short to stick into a four pound roast that was used for the test, however when tested with a three pound roast, it was easy to slide into the outer third of the cut of meat and cooked the meat and vegetables that were under the roast superbly, this tool is in fact very useful for cooking large pieces of meat to perfection.

One end of the probe sticks through a hole so that it can be inserted into the cut of meat being cooked and the other end of the probe plugs directly into the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker. On the digital interface is where you can view the internal temperature of the cut of meat you are slow cooking, this means that there is no need to continuously be lifting the lid in order to check the temperature with the use of a traditional meat thermometer, this is something that is required with any other cooker and takes away from the heat every time the lid is lifted.

The Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker comes with a fourteen hour timer, what this means is that after fourteen hours have elapsed, it will turn off, whether it is on the warm setting or still cooking. There are people, for example those who have to prepare a feast, that would prefer more hour on the timer, however for food-safety purposes, it is not recommended that food be left at the warming setting for too long. Experts report that most recipes for a slow cooker require a maximum cooking time of around eight hours. Allowing food to sit on warm through an entire day is associated with food safety issues.

It is important to note the Consumer reports pocked the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker as their recommended budget pick and across one thousand and thirty four consumer reviews by Amazon users; the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker received 4.3 stars out of a possible five star rating. If you find this outside your budget then you must read this info for other brands and product comparison.

Although not a deal breaker, reviewers did not that they wished the probe was a tad longer and the twenty four inch plug also had a few extra inches added, this would make use on a crowded counter much easier. The handles on the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker could also use to be a bit bigger with larger holes for the finger to easily fit in making it easy to grip and carry. That being said, the alarm and probe features provided by the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker seem to more than make up for the lower quality handles and short plug.

In Conclusion

Consumers report still being satisfied with the programmable timer settings as well as the locking lid enabling easy transportation from one counter to the other that the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker provides. The one complaint seems to be a general characteristic of slow cookers which is the fact that the braising lid fits tightly meaning that the liquid does not end up as flavorful and condensed as it would if cooked in a Dutch oven or even a slow cooker with a lid that is not as tight fitting.

That being said, it is a safe option if you have children or pets die to that tight fitting lid, or even if you are an adult who has a tendency of knocking things over. All in all consumers report that the Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow cooker was an inexpensive option that provided them with more than other more expensive and newer brands did making it an overall good choice.

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