Best Ninja Slow Cooker Review

best ninja slow cooking system reviews

I have made my decision if I ever decide to abandon humanity and move the most remote part of the planet I will only carry one thing, my Ninja 3-in-1 crock pot. Wait won’t you need electricity for that? I’ll carry solar, but why? If you look around you will notice that the planet is going to the dogs, so it pays to prepare for doomsday right?!? Anyway, picking the best slow cooker can be a tough challenge. But don't worry, I'll help you out.

A few years back I was stationed in a remote region of my country, won’t say where, I figured that if all I’ll be doing is work, eat and sleep I might as well drown my misery in good food like pot roast, beef ribs, chili and chicken soup. That’s where I got the brilliant idea of carrying a gift from mom. I must say that, that was one of the best decisions I have ever made oh apart from pouring hot coffee on my wife when we first met, so romantic.

I used the cooker to make a lot of delicious meals such as pulled pork, meat, beef meatballs, tacos, meat loaf, chicken and many other meat related meals, when I came back home the wife used it to make vegetables including broccoli, her cooking sucks, don’t ask?

The Features of the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooker

    • Built in stove that has high, low and medium settings
    • Non-stick pot
    • ​Equipped with keep warm function and low and high setting
    • Oven function that helped me stick it to Canada bread

Durable, Easy to Use and Clean

The non-stick pot makes this unit one of the easiest Crockpots to clean on the market, who says you need Crockpot liners? Nobody that’s who and I must say it will take a lot of effort to break the unbreakable pot that also doubles up as a serving vessel. This might also be the one you are looking for.

The triple fusion heat system surrounds your meals making it cook faster and evenly, the result is something that must be tasted to be understood. So if I were you I’d get this incredible slow cooker today. It may not be the cheapest unit on the market but worth every cent. You may also check out other versions like Ninja mc501 which is a little challenging to find in the market but will be worth looking for. Get more info here.

Pros vs. Cons

  • Multi-functional 3-in-1 cooker; oven, stovetop and slow cooker.
  • Easy clean-up due to non-stick aluminum-cast
  • An added baking and roasting features.
  • Runs with triple fusion heat for faster, juicy, and tasteful cooking.
  • Might need to get a cookbook specifically for Ninja slow cookers for an accurate cooking times and temperatures.
  • The lid is not made of glass making it hard to see if the food is prepared.
  • Setting the device to a suitable location is important because the controls are sensitive to simple movements.





Cleaning Your Ninja Slow Slow Cooker

The problem with today’s generation is we are too lazy, now I’m not saying that because I fought the Nazis during the battle of Dunkirk and Christopher Nolan made a movie about it. So you could see here for some awesome programmable do-it-all slow cooker.

I’m saying that because we like to take short cuts, for example, if I tell you that these crock pots are dish washer safe, some of us will throw the whole thing into the dishwasher after use simply because they don’t want to get their hands dirty.

Getting to The Point

If you were obedient enough to read the manual you know that you can only wash the cooking pot in the dishwasher, this means that you should never put the roasting lid, roast lifters, multipurpose pan and roasting rack in the dishwasher. If you do there will be consequences, the best way to wash these is with your hands and warm soapy water. If you are unsure of what you are doing, be sure to watch tutorial video and see how it goes. See how to pick the right slow cooker perfectly so you won't buy a cooker which is not a dishwasher buddy.

And it goes without saying that you should never immerse the main housing of your appliance in any type of liquid including water, especially if it’s still plugged into the power supply.

Therefore before you start the cleaning process the first thing to do is to ensure that the unit is unplugged from the outlet, this will make parts of the ninja dishwasher safe.

Is The Ninja 3 in 1 Dishwasher Safe?

The answer is yes and no, yes because the pot is dish washer safe, and no because some parts such as the rack and lid should only be hand washed.

What if food gets stuck inside the pot?

Before I get to that I must mention that you should never use abrasive scouring pads on the cooking pot or on the multipurpose pan, you should only use liquid detergents or non abrasive cleanse and a brush or cloth. Have a peek at this website for slow cooker cleaning tips.

When food gets stuck in the pot, the best option is to soak it in water and a mild soap.

Ninja SEARious Slow Cooker

What makes searing possible on the Ninja is an in built stove, all you have to do is turn the burner to high and you have enough heat to sear meat perfectly. How is this different from other units on the market? Visit this page to make a bit of comparison or head over to this one Cuisinart 3 in 1 cook central review. Well you can actually sear meat and vegetables in the unit opposed to a removable pot that is stove top safe. So much better! The first thing I recommend you try is pulled pork, try this sear the pork perfectly then leave it to slowly cook for 10 hours. Believe me what you’ll get is meat cooked so perfectly that it falls off the bones.

The Advantages of Buying Ninja SEARious Slow Cooker

The benefits you’ll get if you decide to buy this unit are:

  • Faster meal preparation
  • 3-in-1 function versatility
  • 6 quart capacity pan
  • Large removable pot and an auto warm feature

If you are looking for something to get for a college student, your mom, or anyone else who enjoys good food this is the answer. Look at it this way, this is everything you need in the kitchen, if you have a small kitchen it will save you space and most importantly lower your energy consumption.

If you are worried about washing this SEARious crock pot, you should put your worries to rest. Cleaning it is very easy because the pot has non-stick surface that keeps it from getting dirty, and as an added plus the pot is dish washer friendly.

The insert is light weight making it very easy to remove and wash; simply put this is a SEARious slow cooker.

Ninjas use tools such as Japanese katana to do what they do, look at Michonne and her ninjary ways. What do you mean Michonne is not a ninja? Oh come on I know you get it.

When you buy a ninja 3-in-1 slow cooker there are some accessories that you need, and there are others that you don’t. For instance Crockpot condoms get your mind out of the gutter, this is just a special type of nylon used to keep crock pots clean, you either need them or you don’t.

Important Accessories for Ninja Slow Cookers

The accessories you will want are:

Ninja mini warmer
Ninja Mini Warmer
Roasting lifter and spatula
Cooking system lid
Multipurpose Pan
Nonstick removable pot

The above are the most basic slow cookers accessories that you need for your appliance; you will get all of these accessories when you buy your cooker (check the box). However over time you might have to replace one or two, the best place to get these parts is online. Some other accessories that you might need are:

  • Trivet
  • Spatula
  • Steam roasting and baking rack
  • Silicon muffin tray
  • Ninja bag
  • Glass lid
  • Loaf pan

The awesome thing about buying baking accessories is anything you buy can be used in a regular oven. This means that it saves you money. Read more about crock pot accessories.

It is also important to note that you should never use the pot on your stove top. If you do you will damage the non-stick coating on the pot. That means that you might have to buy a new pot which costs around $ 24.

Note that the lid or the rack should never go into the dish washer; the reason for this is, the metal vent hole can rust. Another thing to avoid is putting the pot in the freezer.

Ninja Cooking System Reviews

Kane was the first man ever to strike down another, but when the lord, wait! Wait a minute, was about to get into some really dark stuff and I am only supposed to talk about crock pots. Question, why name a slow cooker, ninja? “I am a ninja”, “no you’re not” “did you see me do that” “do what?” “Exactly” that’s why Ninja.

The most popular ninja unit is a 3-in-1 model that comes in ninja colors. I know, black is not a color but you get the point. Simply put, this is the ninja of slow cooking, you can use it to simmer, sauté, and sear meat or do the things people do to vegetables with this unit. Oh yes, if you might want to compare this multi cooker with top cuisinart 3 in 1 multi cooker reviews.

This amazing product comes with a stove top that has low, medium and high settings. If you don’t have an oven in your home you should know that some ninja slow cookers double up as ovens. This is because they allow you to adjust temperatures anywhere from 250˚to 425˚ and as and an added plus it uses less energy.

Why Ninja Multi Cookers?

Cleaning up after ninjas is usually a very horrible ordeal based on knowledge gained from multiple ninja movies, but this ninja is very different, cleaning your ninja equipment is very easy and so is using it. Check out some crock pot facts to know more about your kitchen appliance.

You can use it to make stew, chicken, roast spaghetti or anything else your heart requires.

Been singing about 3-in-1 but haven’t told you what that’s about, the appliance comes with a mesh roasting rack, a mini style pan, a mini muffin pan and most importantly the main pot holds up to 6 quarts. That means that you can use it to cook lots of food in one go.

What Do You Get When You Buy a Ninja Slow Cooker?

Ninja 3-in-1 cooking systems come with the following features:

  • Nonstick cooking pot
  • Built in stove top and an oven function
  • Triple heat fusion
  • Slow cooker

If you buy one today you will also get 25-recipe inspiration guide to get you going. However, if this is not just the type of model that you'd pick then head over to our best rated slow cooker list.

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Shawn Peters - June 9, 2017 Reply

Is there a timer on this slow cooker? Thks

    Slow Cooker Success - June 10, 2017 Reply

    Yes. There is a timer available on this model. You can set it to a minimum of 30 minutes or you can leave it cooking all day.

Kelly @ - June 10, 2017 Reply

Is it safe to leave it on cooking at home while I’m away?

    Slow Cooker Success - June 10, 2017 Reply

    Yes. You set the timer on how long you want it to cook and then it will automatically switch to warm or off when it’s done cooking. So it’s safe but I still don’t like to leave mine on when I’m not home!

John Mee - June 14, 2017 Reply

Just wondering how the ninja differs from a traditional slow cookers?

    Slow Cooker Success - June 14, 2017 Reply

    Using Ninja System you can do both searing and roasting unlike a traditional slow cooker wherein you have to use a frying pan to brown your food first.

Beth B. - June 15, 2017 Reply

My family loves chicken. Is it possible to get a crispy skin chicken with this crock pot?

    Slow Cooker Success - June 16, 2017 Reply

    Yes. Make sure to remove as much water as possible. You may try to use paper towels to remove excess water and then set Ninja System to stovetop high and add a little oil.

Rhonda - June 16, 2017 Reply

I’m thinking about ordering one online from Amazon. Do you know what Ninja slow cooker is made of? Thanks!

    Slow Cooker Success - June 16, 2017 Reply

    The lid of this slow cooker is made of steel with a non-stick coating on both sides. It has a professional non-stick coating which cannot easily shatter or crack.

The Happy Cooker - June 17, 2017 Reply

Can I cook using the buffet option?

    Slow Cooker Success - June 18, 2017 Reply

    No. We do not advise to cook under this setting. The buffet setting is only used to maintain the temperature above 140°F after your food has been cooked.

Rick - June 18, 2017 Reply

What’s one-pot meal cooking? How does it work?

    Slow Cooker Success - June 20, 2017 Reply

    One-pot meal cooking essentially is the process of adding all ingredients to the pot and then cooking a delicious meal together. We recommend using this setting when you are cooking pasta dishes and layered meals which could contain protein, starch, and vegetables. One-pot meal cooking gives heat to both sides and bottom of the pot.

Murielle Sebastien - June 21, 2017 Reply

Hey can you cook rice or steamed veggies using this crock pot?

    Slow Cooker Success - June 21, 2017 Reply

    Absolutely. Ninja slow cookers come with a great steamer basket! I use mine all the time.

Miku Morimoto-Hendricks - June 21, 2017 Reply

Can I make pasta with this? Can I also put the sauce like the instant pasta in stores?

    Slow Cooker Success - June 23, 2017 Reply

    Yes, you can cook pasta dishes using the one-pot meal cooking. I have done that and it came out just fine.

Jennifer T - June 22, 2017 Reply

Been using this one for a year now and I absolutely love it. I’ve owned serveral different models of slow cookers and this is one the best for cooking rice and my other favorite dishes. 11/10 stars!!!!

    Slow Cooker Success - June 23, 2017 Reply

    Awesome! If you want to share, we’d love to hear your what your favorite dishes are.

Sandra Kovich - June 26, 2017 Reply

I got this as a wedding gift for my sister and she just absolutely loves it! When I found out how convenient it is to use and bought one myself.

Tim - June 28, 2017 Reply

I always hear good things about this slow cooker. Maybe it’s time to buy and try it now.

Lucy Franklin - July 1, 2017 Reply

This is really a nice investment since it already has the stove top, searing and roasting cooking features. It greatly reduces the hassle of transferring to another pan and so on. Cooking has gotten so much more fun! P.S. I love all of the recipes you share!

    Slow Cooker Success - July 1, 2017 Reply

    I know, right! That’s one of my favorite many advantages of this crock pot. Thanks glad you enojoy my website. I hope to share more recipes in the future!

Kitty from Nebraska - July 2, 2017 Reply

For those who are new to slow cooking and the Ninja Slow Cooker, I recommend you guys to read their Quick Start Guide or Inspiration Guide first. It’s included in the box or you can just Google it. It’s very helpful and informational. Thank me later.

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